Stories have helped someone to develop another story. The story can be obtained from any sharing, songs, or events that we find interesting. And therefore, we believe that cause never bring up a result. A causes bring up the other causes. So we forming our reference into a stream of its own, which combines art and wood.

Ruaya is a brand engaged in the arts, especially on wooden crafts. It was created in mid 2015. Its name is taken from a reproductive cycle of tuna that spreads to distant places, as taken from the novel "Nyanyi Sunyi Seorang Bisu" by author Pramoedya Ananta Toer. This type of fish is constantly moving at a speed of 20 miles/ hour, because if it doesn’t move, blood vessels beneath the body will freeze. The choice is simply, move or die.

And for the past four years, Ruaya choose to move quickly, but sometimes slowly. Sometimes it falls, then stands up again. But never stop to rise.

In the certain conditions, anything can make Ruaya fall. And it will always be, but Ruaya has the ability to bounce back and to present the gift for those who inspire his life as an art. This is an our development, as the story is present for all of you.